Village - Ratwan P/O - Chalnair Tehsil - Kotkhai, Shimla - 171202

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Since time immemorial, education has been the most effective tool in refining human beings interms of their intellect, manners, character and demeanour. Having got opportunity to head an institution in the hills of Shimla under the umbrella of the largest non-government educational organisation i.e. D A V, I will spare no effort to provide the children of Kotkhai Region with the most vibrant, pious and conducive environment for learning under a curriculum based on the amalgamation of vedic traditions, time tested pedagogies, modern technology and result oriented methodologies. Since the twenty-first century education is not confined to the completion of syllabus within the four walls of the classrooms only but the students need to have exposure in the society as well to relate the content of books with the real world. Hence there will be periodic excursions, educational tours and site visits. Infrastructure development will be undertaken on priority basis especially science labs and equipment. There will be regular attempts to help children master interpersonal communication skills and the use of technology to their advantage for settling everywhere under different situations. Every activity will be underpinned by ethics, morality and nationalism in our school. It will be my ceaseless endeavour to help students and staff to learn the art of being at peace with themselves and with the world around them. The learners will be made home that google can not be substitute to the true understanding. Students not only have to get the true information and knowledge from their teachers but also try to build their own on it and then apply in real life situations. I hope to send forth such a generation of students in the service of our motherland who along with the possession of timeless human, moral and environmental values are also equipped with all requisite modern skills and knowledge.

(Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma) 

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Village - Ratwan P/O - Chalnair
Tehsil - Kotkhai, Shimla H.P. - 171202
E-mail : kotkhaidav@yahoo.com

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